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The processing of olive tree is a tradition for us. Passing from generation to generation the art of woodcarving became our passion and dedication, and faithfully following the techniques of our ancestors we offer you unique handmade products directly from mother nature. Our love for wood has expanded to other species, each unique to its properties. The treatment is entirely made by ourselves, in a uniquely crafted laboratory starring with the olive tree. You can explore our space and see closely the whole process. The products are available for you in our stores, in Athens, Thessaloniki, Ouranoupoli and Paros. Make your favorite products you’ve dreamed of olive wood on request.

Woods are not logging products but come from natural tree pruning remnants when they can no longer yield. It is a natural process of development of the olive trees, which happens once a year. Then the wood is set to rest and mature over time. With work and patience, the wood is processed until it gets its final shape. Finished wooden works are polished with pure olive oil, without chemicals. This is their preservation after long-term use, which highlights the natural lines and shades of wood.